ENR-G provides engineering services and consultancy to help private companies or public organizations to achieve their energy saving goals. Academic studies at Boğaziçi University has transferred to real life and performed in various real estate projects in Turkey by ENR-G team. ENR-G is proud of supporting companies and, in particular, commercial real estate, to make real and lasting improvements that optimize energy use and reduce power consumption.

Energy Efficiency Optimization model aims to create an investment project by determining the financial investment and saving parameters of the applications that are aimed to be done such as loss / leakage and inefficient application which arise as the result of energy study and business management.

The optimization of the project by MIP or Monte Carlo simulation aims to give the final state of the project with a sensitivity analysis of fluctuations in future energy prices and fluctuations due to uncertainties.

As for green building and energy management, ENR-G helps you to optimize your building performance and optimize the investments to be made in this area by optimizing static and dynamic models using the mixed integer programming (MIP).

Contact us if you are interested in the business models that are created according to the principles of providing the necessary investments for the improvements specified in the private and public institution buildings, and the repayment of the investment from the amount of savings that will arise from the retrofits.

Our Energy Efficiency Services in Buildings can be listed as follows;

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy-efficient technology and financial evaluation
  • Energy Efficiency Analysis and Technical Feasibility Studies
  • Electricity, Gas and Water Usage Evaluations and Cost Analysis
  • Building Energy Simulation Modeling
  • Heat Recovery and Thermal Energy Storage Analysis
  • Cogeneration System Studies
  • Renewable Energy Technology Evaluations
  • Supply and Installation of Energy Systems
  • Energy Performance Track
  • Alternative Energy Supply Analysis