Globally, it is clearly not possible to continue to use fossil-fueled cars, especially in large cities, due to their impact on the environment. Electric vehicle charging solutions and networks, which may be a solution to this problem, are already growing exponentially on a global scale and are expected to continue this accelerated growth for a long time.

Electric charging stations for electric vehicles, providing you easily recharge anytime and anywhere in Turkey. It is expected that battery technology will reduce the cost of electric cars day by day, while at the same time making it possible to meet the energy needs of cars with more affordable prices and increase travel distances.

After determining the current and target status of our customers who need consulting on electric vehicle charging stations, we determine the scope and conditions of the project. We are able to determine your individual requirements for your electric vehicle charging infrastructure and resolve any issues that may arise out of charging.

For example, how many vehicles will be charged in a parking lot to be installed, how much will this figure be after 3 or 10 years, how much should your building have transformer power, how to optimize the power, dissemination of power for those who want to charge fast or who will stay all day long, etc. it is possible to create and monitor special software for the most productive and problem-free operation of the facility owner.

Before starting to install electric vehicle charging stations, we check the requirements for the installation and understand where you are located and find the optimum solution for you. Our expert academicians and engineers in your field analyze your current situation and prepare a solution map for you when there is a need. We will send you an offer by our authorized employee and inform you about the costs and time requirements. You will be guided by our consultant throughout the entire process from feasibility study to installation and commissioning of electric vehicle charging stations.