Electricity or thermal, shortly restructuring of the energy market and reducing climate change are considered as two different energy policy issues today. ENR-G provides consulting services to customers on long-term energy demand, prices, power mix, greenhouse gas reduction and energy efficiency by taking into account the latest geo-strategic developments. ENRG is also involved in a number of studies to determine long-term energy scenarios in the global economy.

In a competitive environment through microeconomic theory, market clearing mechanism for electricity and natural gas trading, short and long term equilibrium conditions in electricity or natural gas market, smart grid and power flow modeling are given as consultancy services. Consultancy services include an interactive power market simulation, basic concepts and different approaches used in energy and environmental policy modeling, energy modeling and policy modeling, modeling of energy flow optimization and equilibrium, macroeconomic modeling for future prices and energy-economy interactions . In particular, fixed production flexibility (CES) type production functions are emphasized in modeling.